Beef jerky recipe

Beef jerky recipe

The month of June is the most loved month for those who enjoy the typical june party foods, such as corn-based preparations, curacao, cassava cakes, pine nuts, kid's feet, paçoquinha.

And a very typical dish in the Northeast that ended up becoming a guaranteed presence in country festivities is the dried meat paçoca, like a salty version of our delicious sweet peanut paçoquinha! As here in Rio Grande do Sul our traditionally cured meat is beef jerky, it is with it that we will make paçoca!

Recalling that the basic paçoca, is nothing more than some kind of fat like butter, lard, olive oil or oil, salted meat, which can be jerky, dried meat or sun meat and cassava flour. But we can add that Chef touch and add some ingredients to make our paçoca even more tasty, such as bacon, sausage, green seasoning, cilantro, among other seasonings.

Another peculiarity of the dried meat paçoca recipe is that the meat is "pilada", that is, after cooking, the meat is crushed in a mortar and mortar to be very thin. But don't worry: if you don't have a pestle at home, you can use a food processor or, as a last resort, finely shred the meat with your hands. What you can't do is stop preparing this super tasty and substantial beef paçoca recipe that I share here on TudoReceitas! Come on?

Ingredients for making beef jerky:

 3 cups diced salted beef jerky

 1 finely chopped onion

 3 tablespoons chopped coriander

 2 finely chopped garlic cloves

 1 cup of toasted manioc flour

 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil

 1 coffee spoon of salt

How to make beef jerky:

Separate all the ingredients for the beginning of the recipe of paçoca (farofa) of beef jerky.

Tip: you can also prepare this recipe with dried meat or sun meat instead of beef jerky.

In a pressure cooker place the diced beef jerky, previously desalted, and cover with water. Cover the pan tightly, bring to medium heat and start counting for 30 minutes as soon as the pressure comes on.

Tip: for desalting, wash the meat very well 2 times and let it soak in water in the refrigerator for 24 hours, changing the water at least 3 times. Drain well and cook as indicated above.

After cooking the meat, it is necessary to remove any ribs or excess fat that is in the meat.

After the meat is clean and completely cold, take the meat to the pestle and knead very well.

Tip: if you don't have a pestle at home, you can use a food processor or, as a last resort, shred the meat very finely with your hands.

The meat should be very thin, as in the photo. This is the pilado meat, essential in the preparation of this recipe for meat paçoca!

In a pan with the oil, sauté the onion until it sweats and add the garlic. Mix well.

Tip: spice up your paçoca by adding sausage or bacon in this step and it will get even more flavor!

When the onion begins to brown, add the pilado meat, mix well and stir until it is well browned, completely browned. Then add the manioc flour.

Stir for 5 minutes, just to mix the flour in the meat and thus get a dry meat jerky jerky.

Turn off the heat and finish with the cilantro. Even if this meat is salted, check the salt and, if necessary, correct the salt. Serve immediately!

The paçoca de charque is a dish that can be accompanied by a nice and warm bean broth, for example!

What did you think of this recipe with beef jerky typical of the June festivities? Leave your comment below and also check out these savory June recipes:

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